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SSC To Initiate A New Business Model For Easy Access Into Space

Reportedly, SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) is developing Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden region with new services and capabilities. A test base for reusable rockets is presently being established, and SSC targets at launching small satellites in the coming few years. Additionally, SSC is now presenting a new flight ticket business for suborbital space flights, affordable and accessible for existing and new types of clients. The new idea introduces the prospect to fly fractional payloads and a substantially more normal flight schedule. The flight ticket service is conducted jointly amid SSC and DLR MORABA in the EuroLaunch collaboration. SSC has been launching over 560 suborbital rockets from Esrange Space Center from 1966. At Esrange Space Center, SSC also controls one of the world’s biggest ground stations for data reception and satellite control. This legacy presents SSC a rare position in the European space community.

For researchers and scientists using microgravity as a means, the new flight ticket idea SubOrbital Express covers an entire group of services varying from a flight ticket counting quick launch and safe land recovery to tailored services like design and development of test payload modules. Linda Lyckman—Head of Business and Technology Innovation—said, “Suborbital Express merges our legacy with a new flight ticket notion. It plans for easy entry to space and the highest flexibility for the scientific society. You can fly alone in a single user operation or share the ride with other people, confiding on your specific needs.”

Speaking of the European space community, recently, the ESA (European Space Agency) was probed to intercept a comet. Following the immensely successful Rosetta bump into the icy dirt-ball called 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014, executives now have now picked a recent venture that would be launch in 2028. It is called Comet Interceptor and targets to catch and analyze an object that has come toward the Sun from the outer ranges of the Solar System.

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