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Sports Car-Dedicated Head-Up Display Crafted By Continental

Continental developed one of the first ultra-compact and powerful HUDs in a project led by its own developer and production services provider, Continental Engineering Services. The head-up display is particularly suitable for cockpit integration with limited installation space, as in sports cars.

The system provides a reliable display of information in the driver’s field of vision, making it intuitive and safe to use, even for this class of vehicle. This is particularly important as driving functions are being increasingly transferred from drivers to vehicles, including sports cars, as we move into the automatic direction. This improves safety and comfort in traffic jams, for example, when the moment and maneuverability of a sports car is not being used.

What has been a standard feature in luxury series vehicles has been difficult so far in vehicles that require special space like sports cars. By increasing the visible virtual image size of the driver on the windshield and changing the projection distance, developers at Continental’s Engineering Services have significantly reduced the space occupied by HUD.

Christian Trapp, chief of the head-up display at Continental Engineering Services, says, “Our compact display allows highly accurate information to be displayed on a projection surface slightly smaller than standard vehicles. With a limited external field of view, new development is in line with the vehicle concepts of most manufacturers.”

With a HUD, drivers receive all relevant information directly in their field of vision where and when needed. Although the driver’s eyes stayed focused on the road, vital information such as speed limits and warning messages can still be read. With its HUD portfolio, Continental offers one of the most important technologies for holistic man-machine interaction and enables comfortable and secure communication amid people, vehicles, and their environment.

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